SoluTranspo+  is an essential tool for decision makers, managers or account managers who cherish the performance of their entreprise and the optimization of their business process. Specially made for the industry of transport and logistics, SoluTranspo+ simplifies strategic planning and daily piloting by incorporating business intelligence into software packages. Perfect for your TMS, ERP and other compatible software, SoluTanspo+ finds the right information to make enlightened decisions

SoluTranspo+is a product based on approved open-source technologies. There are no license fees for buying SoluTranspo+ !

With it’s interface ready for mobile and internet browsers, SoluTranspo+ makes analysing data and decision making more flexible and convenient! Contact us and receive a free brochure by e-mail.



The quantity of disparate and consigned data inside the heterogenous systems of an entreprise has often led to under-utilization of the informational potential existing inside an organisation. Like any other great organizations, the challenge PME faces requires a global approach in order to act efficiently and at the right time. Enlightened decision making is crucial to business performance. SoluTranspo+ answers all current PME needs by allowing a global view with mobile, easy-to-use and interactive tools. Sophisticated,  SoluTranspo+ allows PME to react quickly and optimize its performance.  SoluTranspo+ supplies a complete or modular solution that PME need to pilots it’s performances in finances, operations, transports or logistics.



SoluTranspo+ is a key-in-hand solution that serves organisational efficiency, relying on strategic decisions resulting from enterprise performance follow-ups (results, client-account, maintenance operations, storage…)



Consult corporate management assessments with a glance at your dashboard and analyse your data with the integrated foraging and reporting capability



The customizable interface allows adapted management data to be diffused to the different levels of the enterprise’s hierarchy. Each user has access to significant indicators required to make a decision



You can opt for the complete suite or choose the required modules which allow you to start today. This flexibility allows you to “see big and start now”, which constitutes a good strategy to adapt to the needs of a project and the activities according to the restraints of budget and IT resources.



Contrary to the majority of the software offered on the market, SoluTranspo+ only has one initial fee for installation and it’s ready to use.



SoluTranspo+  provides answers to demands when it comes to security and access. The software is designed for enterprise managers, but also allow diffusing information to out of reach partners



The financial module is our classic BI solution for decision making in the transport industry. Specifically made for economical margins, spending ratio and receivable debts, it users allows to quickly analyse business rentability, identify sectors where there are development opportinities and saving opportunities. With the time filter, you can refine your analysis on a yearly, quarterly and monthly basis. On equivalent periods, you can see the growth of your financial numbers and gross margin. The tools used to create ad-hoc reports allow you to analyse data to isolate relevant data.


The Fleet management module allows users to have a clear and up-to-date picture of the state of the current vehicles, their consumption rates, their energy costs and the frequency and duration of repairs. Those are essential indicators that help manage the car pool, it’s operational costs and maintenance


The Dispatch module’s goal is to measure the performance of the business core in the transport business. Dispatch can be pre-planned to follow specific routes and have a certain number of stops, it can also be “on-demand” depending on the commands from central command. These rounds are the activities whom generally generates the most turnover.


The distributor module’s goal is to measure the dispatcher’s performance. These distributors can be employees in national dispatch centers. Distributors have a key role in performance optimization because the choice of routes and time tables affects revenue and margin. You can also find relative indicators of the efficiency of delivery within the module.


The driver’s sheet module’s goal is to measure the performance of transport affairs by assembling each driver’s data together. We mostly mesure returns and courses to help identify areas that could use improvements. A skilled driver can save up to 20% in gas consumption.


The human resources module allows a synthetic point of view of key variables in personnel management: effectiveness, length of service, attendance and vacations. Built to adapt to all types of business, it predicts absenteeism trends, equity and personnel rotation. It is an essential tool for forecasting work methods and work management.


One of the main advantages of SoluTranspo+ is to allow to the more curious users the possibility of analyzing in deeper details certain numbers by permitting them to use multiple analysis axes. With a simple interface and a couple of clicks, users can create powerful matrices without any advanced knowledge in computing. Once the analysis is over, it can be saved and re-used with new data the very next day. Exporting to Excel or PDF also allows users to re-work the information as you will and share with other managers.


If you wish to have a personalized demonstration, do not hesitate to contact us at:


Business Intelligence, is it really necessary?

You can judge for yourself. We often use the analogy of piloting an airplane. We start flying knowing the weather conditions and forecast at that time. If the conditions change, we rely on the cockpit indicators to know if the plane going to be able to make the journey successfully with precise answers to questions like: Do we have enough fuel? Are we at the right altitude? Are we going in the right direction?

In business, the market conditions are no less dynamic so it is essential to have reliable, readily accessible data to run a company, increase performance and surpass the competition.

Is SoluTranspo+ replacing my actual ERP?

No, quite the opposite actually. SoluTranspo+ extracts data from your current ERP, your invoicing application and/or your accounting system to assemble and produce the most useful information possible for you to make decisions. It completely respects and works with your current software and the daily processes of your business. SoluTranspo+ is an excellent complement to your existing systems and has the singular goal of giving you the best information possible for you to make better decisions.

I am afraid we won’t have enough data to feed SoluTranspo+.

Even with legacy or simple invoicing systems, it is possible to get high value information to decision makers. SoluTranspo+ allows information from legacy systems to be augmented with information from simple files or Office Automation Tools (e.g. Excel). Additional information can be created in an Excel document (for example: sale objectives for sales reps) and then easily stitched together by SoluTranspo+ for complete reporting.

Do I have to provide the data in a particular format at a particular frequency?

No. SoluTranspo+ strives to be as independent as possible. During the installation and analysis, our team examines your data and identifies the key elements to collect for SoluTranspo+ . After this step has been validated the loading process is automatic and SoluTranspo+ collects your data a minimum once daily.

I do not want to share critical information with the entire hierarchy…

… and this is normal. SoluTranspo+ integrates user authentication with multi-level rights management. It is possible to control access to reports and dashboards, restricting access completely or to specific elements from a user or the group of users. It’s also possible to limit what is displayed based on the user’s role. For example: the company’s sales dashboard could be accessible to the sales manager whereas sales representatives would only see the sales data of their clients.

SoluTranspo+ does not have a licence fee, is this solution free?

There are no cost associated with the utilisation of the software from a user perspective. You could register 1 or 100 users without affecting costs. The cost of SoluTranspo+ is based on the system installs. The cost of SoluTranspo+ essentially lies in implementations (system installation, data analysis and connecting to SoluTranspo+ ). This cost depends on the business modules that interest you. There are 7 modules in total and they can be purchased separately. (See presentation for more details).

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