Introduction to SoluEnterprise

The essential technology to our Keys-in-hand Solutions


Stowing and integration from existing systems
A nomad version adaptable to every target devices
An intuitive administration console


SoluEnterprise represents the technological infrastructure and central core on which SoluRI+ andSoluTranspo+relies.

To do so, SoluEnterprise relies on a client-server based web architecture and is equipped with secured servers as well as user authentication components. SoluEnterprise stows and integrates itself perfectly with most operation systems that exists, allowing to capitalize on past technological investments.

SoluEnterprise allows the access and exploitation of structured and non-structured data provided from different sources. No matter where the source of your data is from, SoluEnterprise allows to diffuse information by consoliding all data types :

  • Operational database
  • Flat files (Excel, CSV…)
  • CRM and ERP
  • half-structured or non-structured data: e-mails, blog, RSS flux, files, webservices…

SoluEnterprise is also equipped with a complete and visual admin console that allows to manage the entirety of the infrastructure components:

  • Configurable access to specific data storage
  • Automated planification for extracting data
  • Create users and set persmissions
  • Performance management and cache optimisation


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