SoluConstruc is a turn-key solution which is adapted to

Our solution allows business decision makers in capitalizing on the internal informative resources and so improving the management of their assets.

SoluConstruc is a solution based on proven and tested open-sources technologies. There is no associated software license cost at the purchase of the solution.

In final stage of development, SoluConstruc offers extensive improvements, innovations and flexibility while remaining user-friendly.



The amount of data contained in disparate heterogeneous company systems often results in under-utilization of the informational potential yet existing within the organization. Just like for large organizations, the challenge for SMEs is to have a global vision of the company to act effectively and in a timely manner, regardless of their industry. Decision making is crucial to organizational performance and it must take into account possible issues related to various business activities. SoluConstruc meets the needs of today’s SMEs allowing an overview of the organization’s performance through user-friendly, interactive and mobile business intelligence tools. Thanks to dashboards, management reports and sophisticated data mining capabilities, SoluConstruc allows SMEs to respond quickly and optimize their performance. SoluConstruc provides a complete and modular solution which SMEs need to control its financial and operational performance.


SoluConstruc  is a turn-key solution designed for organizational effectiveness that supports strategic decision-making by monitoring the performance of all activities of the company (marketing, production, distribution, inventory, sales, purchases, customers …).


Check the balance of corporate management information with a simple glance on the dashboard and analyze your data with reporting capabilities and integrated drilling.


Custom interfaces can disseminate management information adapted to several levels of the corporate hierarchy. Each user has access to the meaningful indicators needed for his decision-making process.


You can opt immediately for the full suite of available modules or acquire only the modules you need today. Such flexibility allows you to “plan big and start right away”. This is the right strategy to quickly address the urgent needs of your project activities and adapt to the constraints of budget and IT resources.


Business Intelligence, is it really necessary?

You can judge for yourself. We often use the analogy of piloting an airplane. We start flying knowing the weather conditions and forecast at that time. If the conditions change, we rely on the cockpit indicators to know if the plane going to be able to make the journey successfully with precise answers to questions like: Do we have enough fuel? Are we at the right altitude? Are we going in the right direction?

In business, the market conditions are no less dynamic so it is essential to have reliable, readily accessible data to run a company, increase performance and surpass the competition.

Is SoluConstruc replacing my actual ERP?

No, quite the opposite actually. SoluConstruc extracts data from your current ERP, your invoicing application and/or your accounting system to assemble and produce the most useful information possible for you to make decisions. It completely respects and works with your current software and the daily processes of your business. SoluConstruc is an excellent complement to your existing systems and has the singular goal of giving you the best information possible for you to make better decisions.

I am afraid we won’t have enough data to feed SoluConstruc.

Even with legacy or simple invoicing systems, it is possible to get high value information to decision makers. SoluConstruc allows information from legacy systems to be augmented with information from simple files or Office Automation Tools (e.g. Excel). Additional information can be created in an Excel document (for example: sale objectives for sales reps) and then easily stitched together by SoluConstruc for complete reporting.

Do I have to provide the data in a particular format at a particular frequency?

No. SoluConstruc strives to be as independent as possible. During the installation and analysis, our team examines your data and identifies the key elements to collect for SoluConstruc . After this step has been validated the loading process is automatic and SoluConstruc collects your data a minimum once daily.

I do not want to share critical information with the entire hierarchy…

… and this is normal. SoluConstruc integrates user authentication with multi-level rights management. It is possible to control access to reports and dashboards, restricting access completely or to specific elements from a user or the group of users. It’s also possible to limit what is displayed based on the user’s role. For example: the company’s sales dashboard could be accessible to the sales manager whereas sales representatives would only see the sales data of their clients.

SoluConstruc does not have a licence fee, is this solution free?

There are no cost associated with the utilisation of the software from a user perspective. You could register 1 or 100 users without affecting costs. The cost of SoluConstruc is based on the system installs. The cost of SoluConstruc essentially lies in implementations (system installation, data analysis and connecting to SoluConstruc ). This cost depends on the business modules that interest you. There are 7 modules in total and they can be purchased separately. (See presentation for more details).

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