Center of excellence business intelligence (BI)

Our BI mission

To ensure the financial success of each of our customers by using business intelligence solutions that meet their decision-making needs. We firmly believe that having a solid base of running business intelligence has now become a critical success factor for organizations.

 Brochure BI-D4iS


Our BI services

  • Implementation Framework (BIF)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Analysis and Design
  • Training and Support
  • Performance Management
  • Data Management Framework

Our BI achievements

  • More than 60 projects
    Customer references that speak for themselves
  • Speaker at TDWI
    Award of Excellence large project achievements

Our methodology

  • Based on a series of templates tailored to BI development cycle
  • Project Plan adapted to BI project including more than 110 templates / deliverables
  • Business Intelligence Blueprint
  • Quality Plan
  • Support at all stages of development
  • Communication Plan

Business intelligence in short

Data Warehouse (BI or database, or data warehouse) is a database used to collect, order, log and store information from operational database and provide support for business decisions.

ED and BI services offered by our specialists include information form multiple business applications, within the same database. We switch from a vertical view of the company, driven by technical constraints, in a transverse view, dictated by the business need, which allows information to be accessed cross-functionally. The interest of this organization is to have all relevant information on a subject most often cross-functional structures (services) company.

From a conceptual point of view, data from a data warehouse can be interpreted as indicators distributed along axes (or dimensions): for example, the number of customers (indicator) divided by days of sale, store or segment client (axis). Technically, data warehouse modeling can materialize the organization in the form of tables and/or repository tables.

We have been doing business with d4iS Solutions for three years and find their expertise and professionalism noteworthy. The quality of their services and the expertise offered by each member of the team (in Business Intelligence) fully met every expectation of ASC. Consequently, the contribution of the D4iS Solutions team has allowed us to meet the expectations of our users and enabled us to achieve our strategic objectives. Furthermore, our senior management greatly appreciated the contribution mad by the D4iS Team during presentations to our clients.
I would, therefore, recommend D4iS Solutions without hesitation.

Josée Saint-Marseille
Manager, Information Management
Canadian Space Agency